Album: Scream 4 Me (2018)

Song: Scream 4 Me

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Hailing from New York, Discipline Theory mixes elements of metal, industrial & synth rock into a cohesive Heavy Rock sound that's aggressive & sometimes danceable. Not linked to one specific genre, and often categorized as Metal, the band music falls into the realms of Heavy Rock, Goth Rock, and Industrial. The band has opened up for national acts such as Death Valley High, One Eyed Doll, The Genitorturers & The Dreaming and even the international Dellacoma.

Teetering somewhere between hard rock and industrial metal the band has combined varying styles of music to form their own sound. Since their inception, Discipline Theory has had an uphill battle trying to inject themselves into any one music scene. Being a band without a live drummer and instead use preprogrammed drums and keyboards they leave audiences confounded but overall entertained.

Lead vocalist ed·DIE's background is the groundwork for the band's eclectic sound. Originally a drummer, ed·DIE mixes hard and heavy rock beats with Latin and dance styled percussion. Layered over the drums go Kevin's bass lines which add a rhythmic and often distorted low end inspired by his metal & punk music influence. Jose names Life If Agony, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, and most recently Sixx A.M., as his influences for his guitar style. Jose's guitar parts jump from rhythm to lead and even duet with some of ed·DIE's keyboards, which claim influence from bands like Duran Duran and Stabbing Westward.